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Our Bikes

In order to provide the best riding experience, we have to deliver some of the best bikes Thailand has to offer. We have found these to be the KLX 230's. The KLX 230's are highly reliable, extremely light compared to the CRF 250/ 300L's (by as much as 25 kilos), and provide more than enough power for even the most extreme conditions. If you go to any enduro race in Thailand whether it be a sprint or hard enduro, you will see the KLX 230's dominate the field.

Coming in at 115 kilos wet, the pride of our fleet are our modified KLX 230R's. Even though they come from the factory race ready we have gone the extra mile by adding Ohlin's suspensions, Renthal handlebars, Zeta handlebar risers, Cycra handguards, Nitro Mousse front tubes, and the Tubliss system in the rear tires. 

Between the Tubliss system and always sporting well maintained tires we can guarantee to get out of even the slipperiest of situations.

To accommodate our smaller riders we also provide highly modified KLX 150s. 

KLX 230s
Modified KLX 150 (200)
KLX 230r
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