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Our Team

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Dan Kaseem

(Tour Guide and Photographer)

Dan is a British and Thai national, born and raised in London, England. He received his degree from Assumption International University of Thailand in Hospitality and Tourism Management before setting off to travel the world. After exploring new cultures and lands for three years, Dan discovered a newfound passion for the environment and nature. This newfound passion led to his love of enduro riding and exploring the beautiful mountainous areas around the northern parts of Thailand. Dan settled in Pai to work as an English language arts teacher where he could utilize his bilingual skills. It was riding off-road that Hunter and Dan met. Hunter saw Dan’s natural ability as a rider and convinced him to join Pai Enduro as a tour guide and photographer. Dan has a passion for trekking, camping, and exploring the mountainous forest and is always excited to learn more about the natural world around him.


Hunter Cain

(Safety Rider and Manager)

Hunter Cain is a Texas native and an American veteran. Hunter was introduced to his love of riding early in life as he began riding at the young age of 4. However, at the age of 22 the loss of his father forced him to take a hiatus from riding. In 2018 Hunter moved to Thailand to pursue his passion for martial arts and study Kung Fu from Master Iain, a two time world champion, who runs a school in Pai. Once he was in Pai he quickly realized that Pai is the Mecca for his other passion of enduro riding. Hunter dove head first back into his true love of riding and has been building Pai Enduro ever since.

​Noom Sarawut  (Tour Guide and Bike Expert)

Noom Sarawut

(Tour Guide and Bike Expert)

Noom Sarawut is a Pai Native and is a graduate from Ramkhamhaeng University with a degree in Political Science. Noom was introduced to riding at an early age by his former enduro champion father David Mahawan  who took him riding all across Thailand. Not only is Noom an amazing rider himself, but a top notch mechanic as well. When Noom is not leading tours for Pai Enduro he is running his bike shop DRC Dirt Racing. Noom loves riding for its fun and excitement while all at the same time allowing for a meditative state.

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