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Single Day Tours

  • Basic Tour (3,000 Baht/ person)

    • Rider provides own motorcycle and equipment

      • Equipment Rental (500 Baht/ person)

    • Includes tour guide, safety rider (Fluent English), and one Thai meal.

                  *Fuel not included

  • Premium Tour (4,750Baht/ person)

    • Motorcycle and equipment provided

    • Includes tour guide, safety rider (Fluent English), fuel and one Thai meal

    • Bike upgrade to KLX 230r (750 Baht/ day, advanced riders only)

  • Photography Upgrade (2,000 Baht/ person)

    • Includes personalized photographs 

    • Includes drone footage from the ride

*All tour guides and safety riders are First Aid Trained

*We DO NOT offer travel or personal insurance

Have a question? Checkout our FAQs here.

dirt bikes in pai

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